self remeber how you complain about not having enough money.. dont you think its time you get off your FAT LAZY ASS and do something about it? signs.. that should have felt good. *get a grip E you r losing it lol.. people really shouldnt have conversations with themselves its not healthy.. if only me will listen to ehh.. me
so its saturday.. am just still in my night shirt.. sleeping and doing nothing.. like i actually need a reason to sleep all day. me and kir.. coughs pardon me. kir and i are thinking about going to skatepark.. it has been so long and am so rusty i pray i dont break my hip.. one last questions.. have you ever looked at a peom or a story or an essay written by someone else and thought.. damn i wish i wrote that?
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another day.. yep oh yeah.. today has been ok so far.. am loving perth... too bad still have just a few more weeks remaining.. onto to more serious stuff.. its funny how i actually love arguin with cas the clashing of wills and.. and.. i have been trying to help her its not such an easy thing to do.. especially when am pretty confused myself even though i still think that just because you think that a particular girl is really attractive doesnt mean that you are gay.. damn i wish everything in life was black and white then maybe solving problems would be easier too..
jeez cant believe how home sick i am.. like who would have thought. lol
oh and i just made a discovery.. wait for it.. its now offical i can live without the internet.. went one month without it and yep am still breathing.. missed it just a tiny tiny bit but am glad i have access again to check my mails and stuff.
i gotta to run.. keep hanging.. lol
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sept. first

first of the month.. here we call em the mber months.. maybe everyone does too.. but hey i have a tiny world.. emm kinda tiny.. am glad its friday.. i love weekends i have time to relax and prepare for another fraustrating week... today was one of those days that everything that could go wrong went wrong and it felt like nothing will ever get better.. like i have some sort of curse or something or worse yet that God has forgotten you.. personally i wont blame him if he did forget.. i have been acting up a lot lately... aaaargggh this is too depressing.
k.....soo sometimes some people come up to me and start flirting and saying stuff like how can we keep in touch when we actually just met.. talk about a train wreck. am not a snob or anything *i hope not. but i will just look at them and inside me i feel like oh Gawd.. do they actually think that i will be interested.. do i really look that desperate? lol
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this is one of those day that i woke up swearing.. someone "friend" was actually calling me at 3am eish! i dont get enough sleep as it as.. i was like what the @#$% *rolls eyes.... one of these day i will wake up and i will be Enya almighty.. yep why cant i play God for one day..
had to take the bus to school we were packed tighter than sardine.. i couldnt breath.. if i could relive that min. would have walked.. so what if it takes me 2hours to get to school at least i will be breathing really fresh air lol
i cant believe how annoying and high and mighty people get if they know they have something that is important to you... life isnt fair..
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day one

ok.. my first day on live journal.. my first post.. my first rambling... looking at my boring.. 0 friends page.. almost too depressing. but its a new day folks. new beginings.. am thinking that i wont add any friend i knew before.. it would be fun to see if people.. fun beautiful and handsome people(yeah what u are thinking is right lol.. just trying to get on your good side) will actually be interested in reading my journal..
let the fun begin.. *drum rolls
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