Facebook = Addiction :-p. Sometimes when i spend hours browsing, posting, blogging, keeping in touch with friends i feel like a junkie lol.. Apart from how addictive it can be.. Its great finding old friends; i found a friend of mine that moved away when we were 14. Its so weird how people change. Life changes you i guess. Random.. Do you ever wish u can relive a moment in your life?

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more pics lol..
jeez i must be in a really good mood today.. i really ve to try and update my journal regularly.. most of my journal are private..

btw thats my mum behind
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why is it so hard to trust people? its like they always find a way to let you down over and over again.. wish people around me will just for once.. just a min of today be straight forward with me.


jeez.. am actually feeling sorry for myself its like everyone has someplace to be or a date or?.. am just sitting on my ass staring into space or and browsing on a friday night.. oh lawd am turning into a geek.. ehmm but geeks are cute lmao..*hits hand on head back to the topic missy..
OK so.. i think this is one of those days that i wish i could be anywhere else on earth but here.. does that even make sense..
talked to my ex today.. got so much crap like how much i was missed and loved and.. Grrrrrrrrr.. why do people do that? am not made of wood for chrissake..i have feelings too.. just fucked up my day

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hey you, long time no see lol.. have been really busy lately but no fear i havent abandoned you yet.. you want an update huh.. well my life has been going great.. what a shocker. dated some no serious relationship yet.. right now am feeling that there is no need to rush.. all good things come in their own time.. am trying to be patient.
you wont belive what happened to me today.. i walked to school.. feelin all dressed up and cute.. had one block to go.. looked at my self and lo and behold i was wearin my shirt inside out @%&*$.. that was so not fair lmao.. could have been worse i guess *rolls eyes

an odd word or two..

where does a man get a cap for his knees
or a key for a lock of his hair?
should his eyes be called an academy
because there are pupils there?

In the crown of his head what gems are found?
who crosses the bridge of his nose?
can he use, if a pictures requires to be hung
The nails at the end of his toes?

If the crook of his elbows is put in goal,
i'd ask "what did he do?"
but how does hesharpen his shoulder- blades?
I'm hanged if i know....... do you?
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sleepless night

its past 2am i really should be sleeping but i cant.. cant keep my eyes closed.. counting sheep didnt even help *as if it ever does.. got up to 500 lol.
guess i have a lot on my mind.. it will be a totally nightmare if i stay awake all night will probably spend tomorrow in bed.. not good at all.
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money habits

have another bad habit.. i have so much of them its hard to keep it all straight.. yep am a regular bad asss girl lol. just discovered that i suck at saving money.. tried rehab.. seriously no joke.. lol ok am joking but if there is something like that i will join and go cold turkey.. i try to save and i just spend more and more by the min... make that sec.. gone in sixty seconds (not funny at all i know)
its like some type of curse..


just did the most random thing ever.. joined groups in LJ.. didnt even know there was a group thing.. was just checking stuff out. maybe it would be fun and i will meet some interestin people.. yep i will drink to that *raises my bottle of apple juice. oh my gawd.. i cant believe i forgot to call casey... damn you oh ye daughter of eve lmao